After Hurricane Harvey made landfall and dropped more than 2 feet of rain, thousands of people in Houston and along the Gulf Coast have been displaced.
Seniors, the disabled, children and even pets are particularly vulnerable during disasters. Relief groups around the country are headed to Texas to assist with the recovery efforts from Hurricane Harvey.


Help is on the way!

To support displaced families throughout Texas, KBG is donating Logistics and Transportation of collected food, clothing and any supplies brought to churches on Long Island to shelters in Texas, at no cost.

“We are doing what we can, we have stand united and do what we can to help others” Sam Gutierrez, KBG Logistics

The first load of supplies will be on TX next Tuesday at 7415 Hillcroft st, Houston TX 77081. If you want to donate supplies, diapers, pet food, clothing, etc. We will be updating the addresses of churches where you can bring all of them. Our logistics team will transport it in the following days.

United We Stand, One nation under GOD!